Grammar and all that nonsense

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I write from the heart, I feel first, think second, and then I write. My grammar and punctuation may not always be correct and I am certainly no English teacher. You may see your, when it should have been you’re, or there when it should have been their. I ask that you please refrain from commenting with grammar corrections, and just imagine the correct word is what you read. I love to write, and sometimes my thoughts come so quick, that I type so fast and do not always pay attention to my mistakes. Could I go back, re-read, and correct them, sure I can. Do I want to, that would be a NO. I write these blogs as a form of self expression and inspiration for others to open your mind and express your own thoughts. I invite anyone to comment as you will not be judged for your opinions, yet will be welcomed with open arms as another point of view. We all have beliefs and opinions, and I express mine. I encourage others to join me on my mission of love and spreading kindness. This blog is open platform where we can all speak our truth and accept that we are all different and unique in our own way. When you look at life through many different perspectives with an open heart, you open your mind to the infinite possibilities. For many years I heard “opinions are like assholes and everyone’s got one.”  So true! Open your heart and don’t let ego alone define you and create judgement.

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