Heads or Tails

I wanted to share a story because it brought smiles and laughter to my world many times. I was driving home the other day with my son, and we were reminiscing about the silly things his dad would do, and how he always made us laugh. I’m sure many of you have played the flip a coin, head or tails game. I have many times, however that game took on a whole new meaning when I played with my husband. He would say, “Lets flip a coin, heads I win, tails you lose.” He won the first time and then I paid attention to his words. He was smooth talker so he won this game every time he played.

They’d flip a coin, and didn’t pay much attention to the words that followed. The funniest part is that what he said was heard and understood. I would laugh my ass off when it would land on tails and the other person would say they lost. It would land on heads and again i was laughing because the person would say “oh, you won.” Every person that played him fell for it. Is it a trick of the mind if spoken correctly, or maybe just a lack of paying attention? Regardless, I enjoyed many moments of laughter from one silly game.

I tried to play the same game with people and they would laugh at me and not play by my rules. Apparently I was no good at giving instructions on how to play. If any of you great talkers out there try this silly game, let me know how it turns out. I’m always up for a funny story.

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