The word Hope


Hope!! Its a beautiful word that carries so much meaning. The way we articulate the word hope, and have you ever noticed that when you say hope, your lips pronounce the O and the P in an almost kiss movement of the lips. I bet you’re all now saying the word hope and laughing, trying to see if your lips make the motion of a kiss.

I clung to the word hope with optimism for forty one years. I stopped myself one day and thought, Sarah what are you thinking, why would you use the word hope? I didn’t know why I had that thought, so I gave it some attention. After really understanding everything I was focused on in my life, the word hope didn’t seem to work in my vocabulary any longer, let me explain why. Every day I try and be more positive, believe in myself, have courage, and speak my truth. I believe in the Law of Attraction, I try to be open, and always practice discernment.

We are all filled with emotions, some of you may think, WOW this girl is crazy, however I feel our emotions are either love based, or fear based. With that being said, I look at the word hope, as an emotional neutral word. Lets talk about a work situation. Example: You wake up, the sun is shining and you are getting ready for work. Some people start there day and say “Today is going to suck”, others might say “I hope today is a good day”, and there are those that say “Today is going to be great.” Every emotion comes from a state of mind. When you go to work thinking its going to be bad, well you know what, your already negatively charged, so its harder to bounce back from that bump in the road and it fuels your negativity. You hope its a good day, and don’t we all, however your still in fear based mind mode because your already expecting something bad to happen, with the HOPE that it won’t. When you hit that bump in the road during your day, it wont be as overwhelming, yet your mind is in overdrive because you feared something might go wrong, yet hoped it wouldn’t. Now, you have the positively charged mental state of knowing today is going to be a good day. You’re in a happy place mentally so when that bump in the road comes during your day, you overcome it with ease because you started your day with love, there was no fear of anything bad happening.

You could apply the same thinking when you say to a friend, “Hey hope you have a great day.” I know me personally, I would rather hear someone say to me, “I know your going to have a great day.” There spreading positivity. The point of my rant is that although hope is a beautiful word, I have often overused it. I’m trying to consciously change my choice of words. There will be many occasions where the word hope will offer someone the strength they need to push through a difficult time, however to constantly use hope diminishes it’s meaning. So yeah, maybe I overthink a lot, and that’s OK. I am me, and love me for me! That’s a lot of me’s.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you perceive the word Hope. Remember self expression is empowering, and I really enjoy looking at the world from all points of view, not just mine.

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