Another Door Opened

Life is a gift from God, along with free will. How we choose to live that life and the roads we travel can lead us to discoveries of so much more. My Journey has been one in which I decided to take a few roads less traveled. I have learned so much in my forty one years on this earth.

During those years, I loved deeply, and endured an emotional pain that made the Hollywood movies of lost love seem like a walk in the park. It was during my darkest days as a young widow that I began having experiences to show me that there is much more out in the universe than we could ever see with our eyes. As a non believing skeptic my entire life, I chose to ignore what was happening and continued living in fear, pain, and darkness waiting for my end. Over time my experiences became a little more clear. So many times, I didn’t understand what I was feeling, or how it was possible.

The light began to take over the darkness and open my eyes to the magic that as humans we forget about. My experiences gave me the proof I needed to realize that the bonds we create through love transcend space and time. I know now that there is a God, and the Angels and our deceased loves are with us, offering us support and guidance. We just need to be listen. It took me a long time to accept this as I was so angry and hurt. I made a choice to seek the light and move away from the dark. I have been fascinated by my experiences. They are subtle, yet so profound. I have begun studying more about Metaphysics.

My next book is again a memoir, slated for release in the summer of 2019, where I share my experiences and what made me want to live a life again full of love and joy. I want to inspire other widows, whether they are young or old to seek the light, find your strength and love again, and open your heart to the many possibilities in this beautiful world. I never thought my pain would end, I was wrong. I live a life even more joyous than I could have imagined.

My husband will always be near and dear to my heart. I now look to him for guidance, and I know he hears me. I also know that he is cheering me on to be happy, fall in love again, and make all my dreams come true.

I believe in love!!


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