Connection to Spirit

We all need to find our own methods of help and healing in a time of need. I found my help and the start of my healing journey through mediums. I have had many people ask about my visits and want to know all about it. This is a transcript of my first visit with the third medium I found in January 2018. You ask why the third. I can sometimes be my own worst enemy and constantly second guess my beliefs or what I am feeling. I needed further confirmation. All three different mediums gave me the same info on my first reading with each one. I had become good at acting by this point, so it was easy to fake a smile and act as though life was great while I waited for information from spirit.

I have come along way since this visit a year ago. I have since found my peace, brought love back into my heart and look to live a life of joy with love all around me.

Sheri  Okay Sarah, I’m gonna first connect to your energy and then I can either continue channeling for you or you can tell me which direction to take it in.

Me  Okay

Sheri  Do you like butterflies?

Me  Yes

Sheri  Is there a significance to you with the butterflies? There’s lots of butterflies.

Me  Yes

Sheri  Are you hear to speak with a female?

Me  No

Sheri  Well do you have a grandmother that’s crossed over?

Me  No, but my husband does.

Sheri This woman looks older

Me  Yeah she would be

Sheri  Was she fond of you?

Me  I never got to meet her, but my husband talked about her all the time.

Sheri  Well she’s very fond of you. She’s very fond of you.

Me  Probably because of how much I love her grandson, but I never got to meet her.

Sheri  That’s okay, she sure knows you. She came right in. Do you know anybody that liked horses?

Me  Yes, my sister-in-law

Sheri  Has she passed?

Me  No

Sheri  I’m seeing horses and a fence. Maybe the grandmother likes horses.

Me  I don’t know.

Sheri  I’m gonna try and get off of her or maybe she’ll help the reading. Let’s see. Okay, so Sarah are you studying anything?

Me  No

Sheri  Because your holding some books. That could even be studying spirituality, or anything that your reading about, a special topic or furthering your work.

Me  I’m writing

Sheri  Well, now what are you writing about? Are you going to write a book?

Me  Yes

Sheri  Okay, there’s a bunch of books, and let me tell you you’re going to go further with them. They’re showing me advancement with these books that you’re holding. Almost like it’s time, you’re ready, but either way, your advancing. That’s what there giving me here. Now there’s a male and he’s chatting it up a lot.

Me  Yeah, that’s probably the one I’m here to talk to.

Sheri  Alright, hold on, let me get back to him. That’s why I asked which direction to take it in. Mediumship is a different energy and I was trying to be open to everything, and when it’s mediumship you really have to narrow it to that energy.

Me  That’s what I was looking for, just mediumship.

Sheri  okay, is this you’re father?

Me  I don’t know.

Sheri  Well who is it that you came to talk to?

Me  My husband

Sheri  Your husband? Really? Oh my, your husband? okay, no wonder his grandmother came in, wow, no shit.

Me I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to tell you anything in the beginning.

Sheri  Just give me minute to connect to his energy.

Me  Unfortunately, my dad is there and there’s many people there, so we will have to see if it is in fact my husband.

Sheri  But your dad is there too?

Me  Yup

Sheri  He looked more of a dad to me. That doesn’t mean your husband is not going to come through, but. Who is the one who had the personality that when he did talk, he would talk a lot?

Me  My husband

Sheri  oh yeah?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  ok, fuck it, we’ll just go with it. I’m trying not to see them anymore because it’s confusing me when I see them. It confuses me who they are to see them. Now, he didn’t like horses?

Me  It’s not that he didn’t like horses. Its just, you see one, oh that’s pretty, you know.

Sheri  okay, well I think he does now, but anyway. Anyways I feel like he is encouraging you with the books, the writing. What about Easter, Jellybeans? Did he encourage you, well yeah he encouraged you. Did he encourage you when he was here?

Me  Uhm, no

Sheri  Well I’m getting encouragement, and now he’s showing me Easter, candy, isn’t Easter coming up?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  There’s something about, well happening around this time for you. Are you almost done with you’re book? Are you getting ready or wanting to publish it? He is encouraging you. He’s really encouraging you, but you know he’s not walking with you. ok so look it, I feel like he’s trying to tell me you’re good. You’re good on your own two feet. You’re stronger now, like he’s encouraging you, he’s telling you, you can do this. Do you feel good? Are you at a good place in your life?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  Now was it your dad that had the truck or was it him that had the truck?

Me  That was us

Sheri  okay, that was you and you’re husband. okay. Did he try to explain stuff to you before he passed? How it was for him or something.

Me  How what was?

Sheri  I don’t know.

Me  He’s explained many things to me over the years.

Sheri  I want to ask you this, was he not just your husband, but was sort of a teacher to you too, or no?

Me  I guess maybe in a way with certain things.

Sheri  Because you know my husband is a teacher to me too. He’s taught me a lot.

Me  Yeah he has, from repairs to house stuff.

Sheri  okay, well what I’m getting is explaining stuff to you, almost as like a teacher. Its also represents encouragement for you. Was he a spiritual guy? Did he know anything about life after death, or death? Now, did he know he was going to die? You know I get the feeling that he did know. Maybe not like somebody who had cancer who knew he was going to die, he just had this something about him that he might have known he was going to pass around the time that he did. Some people have that knowing.

Me  Yeah it was shortly after he passed that he sent that feeling that he knew. I was like, so you knew. It wasn’t, I don’t feel like it was much notice given, but maybe within a couple of days.

Sheri  Well, the other thing is, I feel like he prepped you for it, and maybe certain words that he used but it was almost like a prepping beforehand. He might not of even been consciously aware of it, but our spirits when we know we are going home, we act upon the knowledge that our spirit has of it. so you know, try not to beat him up over, hey what the fuck, you knew, because his conscious, his humanness didn’t necessarily know. We will act upon what spirit knows. You have a lot to say when it comes to your writing. I’m getting ears, a lot of ears listening to you, to what you have to say, and whatever it is you’re writing about. You do have a lot to say. You’re kind of a private person too. You don’t mind, you kinda go within, but give you something to write with and you’ll say it all.

Me  Yeah

Sheri  Do you like music?

Me  Not much anymore

Sheri  What about practicing, he said keep practicing. Practicing anything in the way of music or anything like that.

Me  That would be my son

Sheri  He plays a musical instrument.

Me  Yes, his dad always told him to keep practicing.

Sheri  He said, Yes, we are very much aware of when you speak, very much aware.

Me  (laughing) (I asked if I was being heard when I speak  while driving to this medium visit) Who’s we?

Sheri  All your loved ones. For some reason there’s a carpet on the floor, like a throw carpet and your dad is there and the passing of your husband, I’m guessing was a very hard thing to go through because your dad is sort of giving him the leeway of this meeting today. Letting him be the lead speaker kind of thing. Charitable things, do you do any charitable things? Did your father? I’m seeing cans of soup.

Me  We always tried to donate to food drives or things like that.

Sheri  Well its something with donations or fundraising, that’s what I’m seeing, and I feel like that’s coming from your dad. It don’t matter. Okay, what’s your husbands name so I can just draw off of him?

Me  Jerry

Sheri  Do you remember Jerry dancing? Not like, well he’s just being a goofball dancing.

Me  All the time! That’s just who he was.

Sheri  He seemed like he was a pretty happy person. Look it, I feel like, and this message has come twice now, of him sorta setting you free. You know setting you free. Do you feel like his passing has held you back, or like you don’t want to let him go?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  Because that’s what he’s encouraging you about, you can do this, he doesn’t want you to be holding yourself back and being attached to him still, do you understand that?

Me  Um huh

Sheri  You guys always talked and made plans together. He’s got his arm around you now. You guys always talked about peace and the mountains. Not sure if its more inland. There’s a lot of greenery around. You have conversations about that and traveling. Studying, studying abroad.  Its go learning other stuff in other countries. Does that make sense?

Me  Yeah, it’s something we talked about and wanted to do together.

Sheri  You know, wow, he’s showing me really beautiful things, little things about your life together. He encouraged you. He would be the one to like say lets go to Europe, or more of the activity thing, where your more the introvert. He was the extrovert.

Me  Yeah, he was the one that would

Sheri  Yeah encourage you to try this. Now hes showing me a river and a boat. He’d be the one to encourage you to like get in the boat. His whole family likes animals, there’s something about a horse farm. Was he poetic by any chance?

Me  Oh yes

Sheri  Because he’s got a book and he’s reading out of the book. I think it’s poems, he’s poetic. I can see him really getting into it too. He’s acting it out as he’s reading it. I don’t know if you ever saw him do that here, but he’s doing it there.

Me  Yes, many times

Sheri  He tried to be gentle with you at times. I feel like he needed to be gentle with you. Did you have some rough times growing up, or in the past?

Me  No, I don’t recall anything

Sheri  What about emotional? Oh, are you an emotional person? Yes, that’s what it is.

Me  Yes

Sheri  He felt like he needed to be gentle with you sometimes because your emotional. Does that make sense?

Me  Yes

Sheri  Now I’m seeing you run and laughing, but your crying at the same time and there’s a flag, I don’t know what the flag means. It doesn’t feel like it matches you but, oh your holding your books. Your very guarded by these books. Now you here what I’m saying right, books. Have you written more than one yet?

Me  No

Sheri  Do you want to ask questions?

Me  I ask him questions everyday

Sheri  Do you? He said something about finishing this task, we’ll finish this task. What was he working on before he passed?

Me  He was an artist

Sheri  He’s showing me a map. It’s like he cleared the table and there’s a map out. Oh, he has a job over there, he has a job.

Me  Okay

Sheri  They will help people on the planet, but they have a job. I’m trying to figure out what it is. There’s a map on the table. I know he’s a seeker. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what it means, but he’s got the map out. Now did that have something to do with him being an artist? What kind of difference did he want to make through his work, his artist work?

Me  He just really enjoyed a lot. He wanted to get out there more with his art, and share it with the world. He was a firm believer in art for children. He would get so upset when he would hear about art being taken out of schools. He says it opens up your creative mind, it allows you to grow.

Sheri  okay, here’s the map and different states. Hes doing something, its his job. He’s literally looking over the map, so he’s got a job here on the planet, and he’s still doing work. Now, I want to say to you, I get a lot of people who crossed over, young people who have overdosed and they are huge with doing something for young people.

Me  Okay

Sheri  You would not believe the help from the spirits that crossed over that are now helping kids here. It’s a big thing and so your husband is going to somehow help through his gift of being an artist. I don’t know how he’s going to do it, or what exactly he means by it but know he’s got a job to do and he’s doing it. So and that’s just one of the things, if we had more art classes instead of history classes, we could help these kids at a younger age grow up to be healthy and happy adults.

Me  um hum, through there creativity

Sheri  And your husband is involved in all of that.

Me  okay

Sheri  He said, I knew she’d get a kick out of that. He said he’s still very busy. You know he’s on the go. Did he like being busy, and on the go?

Me  Yes

Sheri  He looks really healthy to me. He said there’s no time. There’s no time there. It’s funny how he said it to me, he wasn’t going to go into the explanation of not any time there. He says to me, there’s no time to wait here, there’s no time. In other words, he’s on the go. He’s very busy, now I’m seeing the color orange, which to me represents the Arch Angel Gabriel. Gabriel helps those that are involved in art, artists of all types. Oh, the horse farm, that’s for souls crossing over.

Me  Okay

Sheri  Lets say children and when I say children they could be thirteen, fourteen, seventeen years old. Overdose lets say, to help there transition over there, they will wake up with the horses. I’ve seen this before, now I know, okay. Cause your husband showed me the horses again. What is it that you want to get across in your book? You’ve got stuff to say in the book.

Me  I do have a question about the book? He’s helped me write the book. Am I going to be getting more thoughts and memories that need to be added to the book, or are we almost done and fine tuning?

Sheri  No, I think your done. I feel like, remember in the beginning, he’s like setting you free. He’s saying you got it. That’s what he’s saying, you got this. I want to ask you something, will that book help people too?

Me  Yes

Sheri  Will it help young people?

Me  It will help many

Sheri  Awesome, do you see how this is all coming together and the purpose of everything.

Me  Yeah

Sheri  See there’s a greater purpose to what you’re doing. There’s always a greater purpose to our lives than we think. We get involved with things like money and paying bills, you know when we here are working to bring love back to the planet, healing, even your book, you’ve got a job to do here too. That’s your job, and he’s crossed over and that’s not going to stop him from working. So many of us all working in sync together to change things and bringing all the souls home. What about servicemen anything to do with servicemen or women, now he’s bringing up military. Whats his connection to the military?

Me  He was in the military, and the other day I got his discharge papers and got his flag.

Sheri  His flag? Remember I said flag.

Me  Yes, I got his military flag and I framed it.

Sheri  When you got it, did you laugh and cry at the same time?

Me  I didn’t laugh.

Sheri  You didn’t laugh?

Me  No

Sheri  Well I see you laughing one minute and crying the next. You know sad, pain, hurt but yet happiness too at the same time. Maybe you were happy to get the flag.

Me  I was proud of him, I was very proud.

Sheri  He’s telling me to tell you to reach for the stars and you’ll always have guidance, he’ll help you. So, I’m gonna tell you, I’m getting that there will be more books. When you need help, just call on him. It’s as easy as that. I’m telling you. Do you feel him next to you sometimes.

Me  Yes

Sheri  Just do that, but at the same time, like if you feel you’re not finished then call on him, but he’s really saying that you got this, that’s what he’s saying, you got this. So, your book will help all walks of life then? Even like trauma to those that have been the military, PTSD?

Me  I’m not sure about that one, possibly. It’s a story of hope.

Sheri  Okay so this is a weird one. He’s bathing in this water, like he’s got his shirt off. It’s almost like holy water. What does that mean to you?

Me  I don’t know

Sheri  It’s at a place, it’s almost like, okay he’s being facetious though, but he is in the water, and he’s saying he’s cleansing himself of sins, but he’s being facetious too. You don’t get it? He’s making think you should get it. Did he ever talk about going to a place? What about holy lands or something like that?

Me  No, the only thing that pops in my mind is our son. We were all baptized with holy water. We never did that for our son.

Sheri  Okay, but did he not take it all that serious, I mean he kind of did, but he was a little bit facetious about it at the same time? Ne is now, that’s okay, you don’t have to answer. He is now, he’s being facetious about it because he knows that as long you have God in your heart you get into heaven. That’s what he’s saying, but I do feel like there’s also a place that you guys talked about going.

Me  We talked about going many places.

Sheri  Oh you did?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  Because it’s just one of these places but I feel like it has something to do with like you know a temple, or Buddha or something like that, but he’s in holy water. He’s smiling. I don’t know, maybe something will come to you later. Okay, so I feel like I’m losing him now, so I don’t know if you want to ask him a question before he goes.

Me  Uhm, I have laid out like a plan for me and the kids. I want to know what he thinks of my idea. Its something I’ve had planned for a while now, and I’m still sticking to it.

Sheri  Is this a location thing?

Me  Yeah, some of it.

Sheri  Okay, well he trusts, he trusts your judgement. Yeah, you know he really does trust you.

Me  Cause the kids and I have different ideas of where home is now you know and their idea is different from mom’s idea and so what does he think of our different ideas of home?

Sheri  Well literally what I’m getting is that you know best. You are thinking like an adult I guess you could say, responsibly. Does that make sense?

Me  yeah

Sheri  And he says your smarter than him with that. Your more sensible, and responsible in your planning and he trusts you. He’s not breaking it apart for what your ideas are, just that he likes that your thinking ahead and your being responsible and there’s protection, you want to do whats best for your family and he supports you. Remember no matter where you go, he can be with you. That’s it. Dont think that if you leave an area he’s not going to be there, he’ll always go where you go.

Me  Has he seen his aunt and uncle?

Sheri  Now, is she older?

Me  Yeah, she was in her mid sixties, his aunt

Sheri  I’m thinking this woman here might have been his aunt. I’m seeing a female with a red shirt on for some reason. He’s with all of them. There talking about plans, there making plans. The feeling I’m getting about who you mention, his aunt and uncle, I’m feeling like friends, he was friends. I’m getting friends, rather than like an older peer.

Me  Yeah they were

Sheri  okay, now I’m seeing them and they look young. That’s why I don’t want to see them because it confuses me. Of course we cross over, we want to look a certain age, that’s what we can do. Did his uncle ever say that, I don’t know. I feel like there proud of him, there proud of him. Did they not have kids?

Me  They did

Sheri  Well he sticks out to me, your husband with them. You know like sometimes when they stick out like that, to me like, sometimes they don’t have kids so they put a lot of energy into him.

Me  They have kids, but he spent a lot of time with them growing up, that was kind of like his parents in a way.

Sheri  and that’s the same thing

Me  They were more like sisters than cousins, when it came to the other kids

Sheri  Got it, yeah I mean I think they all have a part in that horse farm. I really do. Give me just a second here. Why do I feel like I’m falling, when he died, I get the feeling of like dropping, or falling?

Me  Because he fell

Sheri  He did?

Me  well, he was on the bed trying to get up, and he fell

Sheri  Good enough, okay, cause I’m asking him to take me to the time his passing, and he came over here, put his arm around me and he said okay, pay attention. He took me into a fall. I could smell something too. Something didn’t smell good to me, do you know what that is?

Me  He had sinus problems.

Sheri  oh he did, he said something about his breathing, but it wasn’t strong enough for me to say, it doesn’t matter. Now that was it. Did he pass once he hit the floor?

Me  Nobody was there, I was at work that morning. He was alone, my daughter was still in bed.

Sheri  But he passed right then and there?

Me  As far as we know

Sheri  I think so, because he just said, and I didn’t get up. It’s like he’s being facetious about it and saying I didn’t get up. Look it, there was a lot of people around him when he passed, when he crossed over, a lot. There’s like people all around him, and that’s not so for everybody you know, it’s not. He had a friend that passed because right away I see this hand and I get friend feeling, somebody that had passed, you know. It’s a strong grip. Do you have an animal, and things weren’t taken care of, undone.

Me  We have two animals that are probably with him.

Sheri  You don’t have one here?

Me  oh yeah we do, we have three.

Sheri  You have three? what was undone with the animals? Was he suppose to do something with them that morning? Like he didn’t feed them that morning, or take them for a walk?

Me  I think he already fed them that morning.

Sheri  I don’t know, I get the feeling like oh crap I didn’t do something. You sure he feed them? okay, and giving you a hand with something. He feels like he left you undone, he left you abruptly. Like things weren’t done or something. Do you know what that means?

Me  Yeah, our life wasn’t done.

Sheri  Right, right.

Me  I don’t know about any one thing in particular. There’s a lot of things left undone.

Sheri  Okay, cause I’m getting that he was thinking that when he crossed over, like we weren’t finished. So basically this was an unexpected passing?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  Now he’s getting dressed, he’s putting his shirt on. Was he getting dressed when he got out of bed?

Me  I don’t know, it was in the morning, maybe that’s when he started not to feel good.

Sheri  You know I feel as though he yelled your name. Did you feel anything that day, that morning

Me  Yes, about an hour too late.

Sheri  I do want to tell you that, he did feel that, his thoughts were with you. I mean like they really were and all I can see is people coming up to him and putting their hands on his back. They were trying to get him to feel better because I really feel like he kinda bailed on you, unfinished, that’s what it is. No he didn’t feel like he bailed on you. He feels like undone, you know things undone. There were things he wanted to finish and he didn’t get to finish them, that’s what it is. Those people putting their hands on him, I’m telling you, made him feel better. I mean it’s like a miracle over there, but he said they did make him feel better. He was there, he was there, you know. I do feel like he did come back to comfort you during that first week. Do you know a female that crossed over, older woman, do you remember her wearing lipstick?

Me  I don’t think so

Sheri  No? I see an older woman and she came to you. She’s wearing lipstick. Its like a red or pinkish red. It could be that he sent his grandmother to you, but in times where he couldn’t be here with you so that you were never alone, although we are never alone, we have spirit guides and all that. Do you have a place you’re going to send your book to? To get published and all that? Is this a big company that you want to send the book to? That might be the big building I keep seeing.

Me  um hm

Sheri  You know there’s a lot of people on the other side that’s helping you with this. There really is and they are like making a big circle around you, so you need to know that you have help with this. Your not just on your own but you got a lot of help and I’m seeing three books, just so you know. I don’t know if you planned on writing more?

Me  Nope, just the one.

Sheri  Just the one? Do you like animals?

Me  Not lately.

Sheri  Not lately? (laughing) I don’t know, this is what he said. Keep your eye on the animals, keep your eye on the animals. Are you intuitive with the animals? Keep your eye on the animals, that’s why. You’ve recognized that about yourself? Yeah, keep your eyes on the animals and I’m seeing animals everywhere. Oh, you get signs from him, with the animals. Was that the butterflies?

Me  The butterflies is actually something that we always said to each other. Twenty one years and we both still had butterflies.

Sheri  Oh, that’s awesome. Okay, that’s great because that’s how he came in.

Me  Yup

Sheri  Yeah, first thing.

Me  That’s why the butterflies meant a lot. The last love letter, he told me, thank you, I still have butterflies.

Sheri  Alright, listen though Sarah, keep your eye on the animals because they are very significant to you. There very significant. Keep your eye on the animals, isn’t that something. I don’t know what your book is about because he hasn’t told me, I only know what they give me. Would it be far fetched for you to write something about the animals.

Me  Probably

Sheri  The animals make a difference here on the planet. The animals make a difference in our lives and humanity. He want’s me to tell you that.

Me  When he says animals, does he mean our animals that I need to pay attention to or?

Sheri  No, not just, it cant be because they’re all over the place. I’m seeing thousands of animals right now, but I get it intuitively too with you. Something intuitively with you and the animals. Does that make sense to you though?

Me  um yeah

Sheri  Okay, as long as it makes sense to you. Bohemians

Me  Huh

Sheri  Bohemians.

Me  No idea

Sheri  You guys were very free spirited together, weren’t you?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  He called you guys bohemians. I don’t know if you know what that means.

Me  Not really

Sheri  What about free spirited, a little hippy?

Me  He was completely a hippy. When I was doing his website, I called him a free spirit and typed it into his description

Sheri  Sarah don’t take life so serious, he’s still alive, that’s him talking. He’s being very straight forward with you. You know where I’m at he says. You know where I’m at. I see you sitting in front of a computer. I’m still here he says, I’m still here. In other word’s don’t take life so serious, be that free spirit, that hippy that he was just describing to me. Because your the more serious of the two, of you two, is that right?

Me  Yes

Sheri  So in other words don’t be so damn serious. Don’t take that away from yourself, as far as being the responsible one and all that. He’s with, its him and two other souls that are around you. Do you know who they are? There’s a guy and another guy. This might sound crazy but it looks like there setting up a camera or something, like to videotape. So do you know his friend that passed?

Me  No

Sheri  Well, he’s got a male friend that was interested in all that too, photography and videotaping. Did your husband go to school for any, what did your husband go to school for?

Me  Culinary Arts, and he started school for painting three days before this happened.

Sheri  No Shit.

Me  Online classes, he was so excited.

Sheri  Wait a minute, years ago though, he was interested in more than culinary arts because there was something else he was very interested in, but he didn’t take the path. Was it making movies, or was it the photography?

Me  He was very interested in photography, he was and that was a long, a while ago. He showed me about it, and i became interested, but yes he was very interested in photography.

Sheri  Well he had a friend who was also interested in it a long time ago and that’s who’s with him.

Me  Oh okay

Sheri  That’s who’s with him, I can’t see who the other one is but literally i’m not joking you there setting up, you know, there’s a, you know where you can either put a camera on there to take photos or videotaping. That’s what I’m seeing.

Sheri  Now do you want to keep it up, do you want to do stuff, well you book. Your gonna notoriety and do all of that. Somehow that will play into that. Well anyways there’s three but I can’t tell you who the third is, I don’t know. Anyways, very interesting. Animals, I’m seeing a pig now. You have no idea what this means yet, do you?

Me  Nope

Sheri  You will. Okay, what about, so you like to take pictures too?

Me  U huh

Sheri  Okay, keep doing the photography, keep taking pictures. I don’t know, I’m just giving you little bits here that hopefully make sense to you down the road. Keep doing stuff with the kids. You guys would do all kinds of crazy things with them, or just little things made you guys happy. You know like some people would rather take their kids to Disney, you guys seem like you would be more apt to like take them to a pig farm in Australia. Does that make sense?

Me  Just open a board game at the table and we had fun with the kids.

Sheri  Good. It’s the little things. You guys did little things with them, but the little things are bigger than like taking them to Disney, you know what I mean. Yeah, just keeping things simple and real and you know talk about him. Go ahead and talk about him, keep it fun. Oh, he was a chef?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  Okay because did you guys just have a topic about his cooking or something?

Me  We discuss his cooking all the time because I’m trying to cook for the kids, and twenty years, I don’t go in the kitchen.

Sheri  Well I’m seeing, I don’t know if it’s a stew  or a soup or something like that and you guys are having a conversation about him, so I don’t know you must be talking about his food. Anyways keep it uplifting. Keep it positive, your conversations, because he’s there. Literally it’s like, sometimes I can see them where I can describe what they look like to you and sometimes it’s like a shadow where I can’t describe in depth, depends on how strong they are here. Let me tell you when I see them where I can describe to you, it is amazing. It’s like when they say they’re really here, they’re really here. I’m going to end this visit with one of the angels for you to help you on your path, your future. Did your husband have a very special recipe for something, you know nobody cooked it like him?

Me  A couple of things.

Sheri  A couple things. Do you want to do something in honor of your husband?

Me  I’d love to, it can’t be cooking.

Sheri  Do you do things for people?

Me  Umhm

Sheri  It’s Gabriel that’s here, you can call in anyone of the Arch Angels to help you. The Arch Angel Gabriel said to keep, your doing for people, whatever it is your doing, maybe it’s a multitude of things but keep doing what your doing, but I’m going to tell you I do feel like your going to do some kind of like be of service to people. I think it’s not just your book, there’s something else. Oh, doing more charitable things, that’s what it is, and as a family. You know like how you would give to the food pantry, but this something even more than that. Like that would be on a whim for you probably, this is more something of consistently. What about your kids, do they wan’t to do something?

Me  Not much in particular

Sheri  I think they would love to help out though. I think they’d love it. DO you feel like you need something to do? Something to add to your life?

Me  No, not right now.

Sheri  Well, hmm, I don’t know about that. I feel it from you, and that’s my strongest point. I feel like, well let me ask you this. Do you have a great urge to make a difference? You want to do something. You know that’s what I’m getting from your personality. I’m seeing you starting like this great cause, the kids getting involved in it and it’s giving you like this focus, this direction. That’s really more important in life than anything else is to just help other people and I need to tell you this Sarah, it will come to you, it will come back to you ten fold. That’s the true meaning in life is us reaching out and helping each other, it really is. I needed to just tell you all of that and hopefully it will make sense to you down the road. There’s possible travel believe it or not that you’ll return in for that, for doing that. It will allow you to be able to travel or it will take you to travel.

Me  Okay

Sheri  Have you ever heard of Gabriel?

Me  Yeah

Sheri  Have you ever called in on the Angel?

Me  No

Sheri  Like I said I see orange when the angel comes in. Something about taking pictures also because that’s being creative, that’s being an artist. Your husband just gave you a kiss right here (she pointed to her cheek). Alright Sarah, do you have any questions on anything that came up?

Me  I don’t think so. Well, I have, I guess my biggest thing is just making sure what I laid out for me and the kids was, um, I want to see that happen. What I’ve laid out for the three of us. I want to see if he sees it happening for us.

Sheri  The first vision I get on people when they sit in front of me, I could stay on that one vision and do your reading as a physic. This was mediumship, this was not physic stuff, but I kept getting the same vision of you got this. You got this. Just make it happen. I’m getting slow and steady but it’s your determination that will make it happen. At the same time keep things simple, keep it simple. Did you guys live your life that way?

Me  Um hm

Sheri  Keep living your life the simple way. Like in other words, don’t be driven by money, which that’s not you anyways. That is not the feeling I got from you two at all. I totally got that hippy vibe with you, which is so much better than some of the shit you see out there now. Just keep it, listen back to the messages. It’s the simplest, and he’s right, the Angels tell me all the time to tell people. When I first started doing Angel Speak, I would give people messages from the angels, people would come in and they wanted messages of their physical life, but that’s it, they would literally be like, am I going to hit the lottery and you know. The angels instead would be like tell them to do this, like being creative, that’s their biggest message. The biggest messages the angels have taught me was to get off my ass and start being more creative. So it’s the simplest of things that can make what you want to manifest happen. Keep it simple, don’t try, don’t make it the hard way. Do you understand that?

(Sheri got a knock on the door, as a reminder that she has another person waiting. Our visit was an hour and six minutes, and we chatted for about two more minutes as she walked me out and I scheduled another visit.)

Please comment if you’d like to see other visits transcribed.


3 thoughts on “Connection to Spirit

  1. Absolutely want to see more transcriptions! I had a few observations I am curious about:
    Keep an eye on the animals!
    Sheri’s weaving in cursing…for emphasis?

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