I stumbled upon this word yesterday and it caught my attention. I have never heard of it so I did some research. My first thought was Wow this sounds like me. My second thought was are you kidding me, another religious label to classify people who simply want to be spiritual and believe in having an open mind and understand the vastness of the universe.

Omnism states that it is the belief that no religion holds all truth but there is truth in all religions. I read from so many different sites on this topic as to discover its meaning and see what the commonalities were among all the different pages of information. What made me chuckle from the commonalities was that those who are an omnist are those who have never even of heard of the word. That was true for me.

A few different sites began by stating what omnism is and then began its rant on why its wrong, and people who are omnist don’t believe in anything because they actually believe in so much and that is wrong. They began quoting the bible and referencing different texts as to prove their point. Reading this again made me laugh as it was obviously written by someone who believes in a certain religion and that their beliefs are the right one. Why would you right about something that invokes having an open mind and understanding that we all have opinions when you believe your opinion is the correct one.

I also read another explanation that I found truthful. It explained an Omnist as believing that the universe is so complex like a huge puzzle and that every religion holds different pieces to solving this puzzle.

Although I look at this as another label, I could be labeled this way. As humans it seems that to comprehend what is not understandable, or what is to vast to wrap our minds around, we need to label it. The omnist is my favorite religious label, as it defines people who understand the complexities of the universe and that we can think on our own and choose to lead our life and belief system by what resonates with us, not what someone else tries to force us to believe.

I enjoy listening to what others have to say about their beliefs and what they learn as it opens my mind to think about how I feel. Some things resonate in my heart, while others just give me a good laugh and seem unrealistic. I myself feel that keeping an open, non judgemental mind, has lead me down a path where anything is possible. The possibilities seem endless and I can talk to anyone with an open heart and understand that we are all unique and different. Just because your beliefs may be different from mine, certainly does not mean we cannot live in peace in and harmony. The right and wrong game that people play needs to end. I can only speak from my own experiences, however the path to always having an understanding that we are all human, we all have opinions and my opinion is in fact only mine has given me a life of joy. I don’t need to prove I’m right, because you know what, I’m not. I simply believe what resonates with me.

Please share you thoughts and opinions on what you feel Omnism is. This blog is my take on it solely based on what I researched thus far. I’m sure there’s much more research I could do, however there’s also a house that needs to be cleaned and kids to tend to along with the dreaded question of “What’s for dinner tonight?”

One thought on “Omnism

  1. I think this is very well stated on your part. I too have always looked for truth and have found my truths from many different spiritual groups,”Religions.” In order to do so, I’ve truly had to open my mind and heart to all possibilities. Growing up Souther Baptist, this is totally unorthodox thinking. For me, it’s been necessary and has evolved me spiritually in ways that I never imagined. So, I agree that open minded thinking and Omnism has certainly evolved me and the way that I approach different people with different ideologies. Even though we don’t all have the same beliefs or truths, I feel it’s imperative that in order for us to co-exist, it’s necessary for us to be able to agree to disagree. Great post my friend.

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