The Physical Emotion

I am the type of person who needs to experience in order to understand and believe. This has played a role in many aspects of my life. Many times we hear how our emotions depict the physicals levels of pain throughout the body.  Emotions are the core to our being. The stronger the emotion, the deeper the physical sensation of pleasure or pain.

I have experienced two identical incidences in my life, and you would think that the end result would be the same (this is not child birth). That was not the case. I had no emotions attached to this first incident and physically felt nothing. Second identical scenario was sadness, doubt, and questions about my decisions. The physical pain was immense and was so unexpected as I had done this in the past and felt great.

I was confused by this and had no idea that it was my emotions that allowed me to manifest the physical pain that I felt. I have become so much more in-tune with my body, mind and spirit and the correlation between them. I have heard needing balance many times and in my mind always said “whatever, that makes no sense to me.” It was this flashback out of nowhere that confirmed what I had been now trying to understand and make more sense of.

We all experience different life altering events in our life that send us into survival mode. I needed to heal from a tragedy and I was feeling physically awful, yet I was completely healthy. Every part of my body hurt, I was nauseous every moment of every day and there was absolutely nothing wrong physically. I made some drastic changes in life along with a whole new outlook. All my physical ailments disappeared.

I always believed that there was a medical problem somewhere when my back hurt or when I feeling sick, or anything for that matter. Never in million years did I think that I created my pain.

More recently I had gone to a doctor for neck and arm pain. I was told that surgery was an option or shots that eased the pain. A few things in life had happened and I never made it back to try the shots for pain. I currently have no issues and no pain. When I found out that my body healed itself, I was in awe and it certainly made me a believer that I created my pain. I live life every day with a new outlook, positive thoughts, and emotions of love and joy. Its still a hard pill to swallow and I still question the power of my emotions and my mind, yet I have my proof.

When negative thoughts or worry arise, I recognize it instantly before those emotions rip through my being. For me its as simple being frustrated in traffic, then worrying about being late. I now pause and say thank you for the traffic. On a grander scale that traffic jam could have stopped me from ending up in harms way. When I think that way, it makes it so much easier to just be grateful and relax.

I’m sure I am not alone in my previous thinking that this whole body, mind, spirit stuff is just a bunch nonsense and how is it even humanly possible to fix your own medically diagnosed conditions. I urge anyone to really work on themselves. You need to love yourself first and foremost. When you truly feel the love for yourself, you then feel the joy in your soul and it becomes so much easier to focus on eliminating worry, doubt, anger and any other fear.

I’d love to say that I am completely free from all fear based emotions, yet I am not. I do recognize them when they happen and I have equipped myself with the tools I need to continue living with joy each and every day and in the now. The past is gone, tomorrow is not promised. Enjoy today!

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